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WHITER SMILE AFTER 1 APPLICATION - you will see the first results after 60 minutes. Before you go to an event, organize a beauty meeting for your family and friends. People will admire your attractive smile!

28 TEETH WHITE STRIPS - 14 for the lower and 14 for the upper row of teeth. In addition, the end result lasts up to 12 months after 14 treatments!

NO-SLIP TECHNOLOGY - for perfect adhesion to the teeth. You can even bungee jump and the strips won't slip.

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - recommended by dentists. Since the strips are 100% safe, your dentist won't have a single problem using them other than having less work in your mouth.

FRESH PEPPERMINT - for an extra fresh and clean feeling. Everyone likes fresh breath!

Complies with EU regulation (EG) No. 1223/2009 - Without peroxide

    Lovely Smile - 28 Teeth Whitening Strips - Sensitivity Free - Express

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